Saturday, March 19, 2011

Since I haven't a finish...

Since I don't actually have a finish to show (or really any true progress on anything!), I thought I would share some of the goodies I snatched up along my road trip:

First, in Houston on my last day in town I am getting ready to drop my good friend off at the airport when he says he has to drop something off at his friend's work, and he would just run in and back out really quick. We pull in and he directs me to a plaza, and then more specifically to the place called "It's a Stitch". I assumed it was an alterations shop until I parked and saw rows upon rows of fabric bolts!

"You bring me to a quilt shop and expect me to wait in the car?"
"Yes! I'll be quick"

So I waited and watched in my rear view as he went into the shop... That's when I noticed the Moda sticker on the door. I couldn't contain myself anymore! They had a rather large selection of precuts available, and I am definitely a sucker for them!

I grabbed a layer cake of Eden, a Central Park jelly roll (although I am now wishing I had grabbed two!), and two charm packs of Make Life. To be honest, I am not really sure if I actually mentally processed what I was grabbing or buying at that point. My defense is that I was being rushed and therefore I was under duress and pressure!

In Kansas City I went back to the store I loved most last time I was there: Harper's Fabric and Quilts. There I was just browsing, but I did see some pretty FQs that I just could not leave there! Let me remind you that all the stuff I bought last time, around Thanksgiving, is sitting mostly untouched still!

So hopefully tomorrow I will finally be ready to post some pictures of what I have been working on!


Karin said...

How cruel it that to let you wait infront of a quiltshop - lol. Great goodies you bought ;-)

Charlene S said...

Some men just don't get our addiction. Thankfully my husband does!