Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crocheting (like I need another hobby!!)

So a couple weeks ago, when school was at it's most burdensome (and my stress--not coincidentally-- high as well), I was experiencing my usual restless anxiety. That typically means that I haven't had any "me" time for expression. It is nearly impossible to sew or quilt with my little ones awake, and when they're asleep that's homework time. I decided I needed something I could do while they were awake, and so I dug out some yarn I had been hoarding to send to my knitter sister. I decided to reteach myself to crochet. I learned when I was a preteen, but never really learned how to do anything other than potholders!
With the help of an incredible youtube video database (by far the best crochet tutes I could find... Clear, explanatory, and slow), I first made a scarf for Aubree (No pictures). Then I decided I was going to try an easy throw. Well, I keep coming back to that one, and it isn't done, so no pictures there either. I then realized that since everyone makes crochet flowers, I bet some crochet snowflakes would look pretty amazing on my tree. On to Ravelry I went, and I regret that I don't remember exactly which patterns I used, but I did a couple then experimented and made a few on my own:
One day, while pinning on Pinterest, I came across this picture of a really cool basket made out of crocheted nylon rope:
I pinned it and decided I was going to make it someday. Well someday became today, and although I couple of times I backtracked and started over close to the beginning (I happen to be a bit of a perfectionist!), but here is my version:
I used cotton, and it is a bit thinner than her rope, I think, but I still love this basket! I think a basket like this, but with longer handles, would make a great "holder" for a hanging plant, don't you?

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Karin said...

I used to crochet to and every now and then I´ll dig yarn and needle out to make something. I love your stars and snowflakes - turned out great. Years ago my grandma made me some ornaments for the X-Mas tree and I use them every year.