Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good and Fun- a Round Robin

I am always late these days.
ALMOST caught up though!
Here is my center for the Good and Fun Round Robin. I actually originally wanted the center stripes to be slanted, but as I started piecing them together I realized how horrible my math was and that if I did, not only would I be wasting alot of fabric, but it would be alot more work than I planned! I ended up just trimming it to a decent sized rectangle, but I actually love how it turned out.

Now that my center is different than what I envisioned/planned I am even MORE excited to see what Julie and the other gals come up with! AND don't worry, I included PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY of extra fabric to be played with :)

And on a side note/off topic, those of you who follow along know that I recently moved across town. Well, now I am moving across country. In two weeks. *gasp* When it rains it pours, right? The good news is that once I get home to Chicago, everything will settle down quite a bit. I'll be working less, be back in school, and surrounded by family. I can't wait :) BUT that means this next week I am going to be a sewing fiend to try to get everything I can done, not only this month, but also for March! Wish me luck :)


Jewel said...

Good luck on your move... we will still be around when you get back to the computer :)

heather said...

Good luck with your move. Once you get up to the Midwest, we should get together. I'm totally down for a road trip to Chicago!