Monday, February 14, 2011

Worst Blogger?

Okay maybe not THE worst, but I can't be far from it! Nearly two weeks since my last post... Well, alot has happened in the last two weeks, in my defense. First, my kids, my roommates, myself, and pretty much everyone else around me caught some horrible flu bug. I actually think it was some mutated flu virus, because this thing knocked all of us on our butts. Both of my roommates, my sister in law, and my daughter made visits to the ER.
(The hospital gown makes me look tan! Tee hee)

There was about 10 days straight that I couldn't even keep a meal down. I have gone down two jeans sizes in less than a month! That may be a good thing to some, but when all your jeans are falling off and you can't afford to go buy a whole new wardrobe right now it's not so great haha!

ANYWAY, with all that going on (plus work, spending time with my kiddos, my dad coming to visit, etc) I have managed to get a LITTLE bit of sewing done. I finished this block for Tamera as part of the Let's Bee Together group.

She gave directions for the main shoofly block, and said to make the sashing scrappy. It's on its way to her now, and I'm hoping she likes it!

Oh, and remember that block I sent to Linda last month for the Block Swap Adventure? Well, she posted a picture of the full block here. I forgot to take one before I sent it off, so you can see it there :)

More coming soon :)


Quiltjane said...

I am sorry to hear of your illness. On the bright side the weight loss is a plus and I am glad you still have enough strength to quilt.

Stray Stitches said...

I am so sorry to learn that you have been ill. I hope that you are definitely on the road to recovery. Beautiful blocks!!

Karin said...

WOW that sounds terrible. I so hope that you´re feeling good again very soon - thats most important. The blocks are beautiful!

Tamera said...

Sorry you ended up in the hospital!

Your block came today, though, and it's just lovely!