Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DQS10 and a few blocks

Although I haven't been posting much, I HAVE been sewing like a mad woman lately! Unfortunately, I keep getting creative bursts late at night, which means I waste most of the day in bed :/

Awhile ago I ordered these fabrics with DQS10 in mind. My partner seems to like bright and warm colors, modern prints, and I just so happen to love Joel Dewberry so what better excuse could I ever find to order some up? Then after browsing through my partner's photostream and blog, I wanted to make something that would fit alongside those choices, but not be too similar. This is the idea I came up with-- you can see how precise I am in my sketches hehe:

And I posted a picture on flickr when I finished all the blocks a couple nights ago:
I am still elated at how many people liked and "favorited" the picture! I saw something very similar once a long long time ago, before I was a quilter myself, so all I had was a picture in my head. I am not sure if this is how that quilt was pieced or not, but it worked for me and I am still proud of myself that when I sewed all the blocks together, everything matched up, I didn't even have to trim the whole thing-- That's a first for me! I guess we really are our own toughest critics, eh!

Now all the blocks are sewn together and I am having trouble choosing how to quilt it. I am thinking maybe just "outline" the edges? I bought a pretty multi-red thread (sorry but the actual word for it is escaping me all of a sudden) with the idea to use that on the white parts, but maybe I should just stick with white thread? I am running out of time! Any one else have any other ideas?

On another note, I did receive these two very cool blocks from Charlene, my partner for March in the Block Swap Adventure:

I am loving this swap so much! I can't wait until I can put them all together, I think this quilt is going to look fantastic! Thanks again Charlene!

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Karin said...

I absolutly love the DQ. I´m sure your swap partner will adore the quilt