Sunday, June 19, 2011

Over two months!

Wow, have I been a slacker or what? Well, at least in my virtual and sewing life I sure have! I do have an excuse though-- several valid ones, but I understand they're still just excuses ;) I am finally caught up in all of my swaps though (I apologize to everyone who received stuff late from me these last couple of months!)

After spending two and a half months without my babies, I picked them up from their daddy in May, and then started school less than two weeks later... So between school four days a week, working a couple nights a week, the video card on my laptop being out, spotty wireless internet for the desktop, and the kiddos, it's been hard to find time to sleep, let alone give my sewing machine any exercise or post on the blog! I think we have finally settled into a routine, and I have gotten quite a bit of sewing done this week. There are a few pictures I can't post (at least not until the recipients get them!), but there are a few I can!

These are blocks I finished up tonight, for the 15 Minutes Play Scrap Bee (May's blocks *sigh*). Sara wanted island and lake blocks. It was such a unique and fun idea!! I never would have thought of a block/quilt like this. (June's blocks are just as different!)

It certainly has my head reeling with new ideas for when it's my turn :)

And these are my April blocks for Kate in the Let's Bee Together Bee...

I made the slanted diamonds one first, then realized I had missed where she asked for pinwheel blocks. I sent them both to her, hopefully she can use the diamonds on the back, or for something else entirely maybe!

Speaking of my turn and LBT, I have also received a few blocks from the Let's Bee Together Bee, as May was my month... I need to take an updated picture of the blocks I have received so far, so I will share that tomorrow. For now, though, it is time to head to bed-- my kids like to wake up with the sun! Glad to be back though :)

♥ Jorie

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