Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It has been so long since I have been able to even SIT at my sewing machine, let alone actually ACCOMPLISH anything.... All I know is that it has been at least a week, and I can actually FEEL the difference :( I am not sure how other moms find the time! Of course, I am sure it gets easier as they get older and a bit more independent, but as it is they are both on completely different schedules, Cullen goes down for his nap and little miss Aubree decides thats a perfect time to be awake and trying out her lungs. And, of course, Shaine is able to do all his usual activities, and still find time to go out once or twice a week. It's hard not to get agitated! Even when he tries to be helpful, and offers to keep them occupied, it doesn't work because within 15 minutes, he is upstairs handing me the little one because she is hungry. *sigh* Oh, and my BM isn't regulated completely yet, so any time I miss a feeding it hurts. Ah well, I can't complain too much, I have already shed the baby weight and then some.

The irony of this, though is that Cullen JUST fell asleep, and Aubree is still sleeping in her swing. Hmmm time to go play with fabric until she wakes up!

And, since this post has been more of just a rant, I'll close it with some pictures that made me laugh this week:

Cullen trying on some snowboots!

And poor Aubree, this is how they fell asleep, her face in daddy's armpit after a day at work, and an evening cooking dinner on the grill!

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