Wednesday, September 1, 2010

T-shirt Memory Quilt

This is the top I pieced together out of Shaine's old army t-shirts (and one of mine that snuck in there!), and some old uniforms that were torn:

When I first asked him for the shirts to make him a memory quilt, he said "What would we do with it?" And when I explained that it would be around the house and he could take it with him for training, and that it also serves as a show-off piece (the desert camouflage, for example, hasn't been issued for a long time, and shows that he deployed in the first waves, the jungle camouflage started getting phased out in 2005, and he has the digital ACUs as well), and then he really started getting into it! When I sketched it out as far as which squares would go where, he actually had input, and the uniforms were his idea and he chose where each one would go. I am going to applique a few of his more important patches onto it, and back it with some simple black flannel, and do some straight-line in the ditch quilting lines. Shouldn't take too long to finish! I love that he likes it so much!

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