Monday, October 25, 2010

Make a List Monday

I have been reading the lists that Sarah, from Confessions of a Fabric Addict, makes for herself each week, as well as the updates showing how much she got done off the list from last week. It hit me that I could probably benefit from making myself a list each week. I am sure I will never COMPLETE the list, but at least if I have it organized it might make it all seem less daunting! So here goes, my crafty to-do list:

1. Stitch up some quick cake stand covers for my sister

2. Finish the owl pillow she asked me to make for her (all that is left is to stitch up the opening from stuffing it

3. Finish spraypainting Cullen's costume (I thought I had enough blue spray paint on hand, but fell just a bit short, so I have to get a new one)

4. Complete making Shaine's costume... I can't wait to share this one!

5. Sketch up an idea for a new baby quilt for a good friend, and for my brown bag quilt

I think that is all reasonable stuff to finish in a week! Nothing too involved, so hopefully I will be able to get it done. The costumes I have to get done, so at least I know those will be crossed off the list! ;) Are you as excited about Halloween as I am?

Oh, and be sure to head over to Sarah's blog this week! Her birthday is Friday and to celebrate, she is giving away two great charm packs, and there are lots of ways to earn yourself an entry. Check out that blog post here! Good luck :)

And just so this isn't a post without any pictures, here is Cullen at Halloween last year:

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