Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome giveaway :)

It still doesn't cease to amaze me how much generosity some people show with their giveaways! I know sometimes it is from a third party/sponsor, but often times it is precious fabric yardage, scraps, FQs, etc from that person's own beloved stash! One of the great blogs I follow, Little Miss Shabby, is having a giveaway with lots of little scraps from Swell by Urban Chiks. Hurry on over to enter before this Saturday!!
Meanwhile, the hubby and the boy came home last night! It's so good to have my little man back, even though it took until noon for him to give his mama some kisses! I can tell he was spoiled by all the family in Michigan, because his patience level is now zero. Where I used to say "Wait" or "Hold on" while getting him a snack, drink, etc... he used to put his hand down and wait patiently. Now it's an all out tantrum. *sigh* He'll learn soon enough that doesn't work when he realizes that while he throws himself on the floor whatever he wanted got put away!

I made a nursing cover for my friend this week:

And also finally finished putting together the rag quilt squares for my sister's quilt:

Still need to fray it... I only cut a few inches along one edge and already got bored. I can tell this will take me awhile LOL! I will have to find a good movie on TV, wait for Cullen to get to sleep, and get to town! (And yes I did buy spring scissors!)

That reminds me of a funny story that happened to me yesterday. I was nearly out of the thread color I used for Chelsey's quilt, so slightly before noon I grabbed the almost-empty-spool of thread and headed over to Hancock's, as it is rather close to the house. Well, they didn't open until noon, and with Walmart just across the street, I didn't want to wait in my hot car for 20 minutes. Went to Walmart, saw the spring scissors I need, one pair for 10.99, and another larger kind for 15.99, but nothing even close to the thread color I needed (even though I originally got it there!). Back to Hancocks. Walked in, found the thread, looked for the scissors and realized that the exact same brand/type/style EVERYTHING for each pair was 15.99 and 21.99, respectively. Now, I am not a huge cheapskate or anything, but 5$ extra for the exact same thing? I put the thread back on its shelf, and headed out to try a different Walmart (we have 3 within a 2 mile radius). It wasn't until I got to that Walmart, and grabbed the almost-empty-spool of thread that I realized I put the wrong one back!
I inadvertently just STOLE a spool of thread!
I felt embarrassed and a bit humiliated, so after I ran a few more errands I went back and paid for it. I believe what goes around comes around, and I need all the good karma I can get!

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