Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July!

I am signed up to partake in the Christmas in July Blitz over at Monkey Dog Quilts, to work on Christmas-y projects for people on our list (I could use the time and headstart, that's for sure!) Well, we are supposed to post updates and progress every Thursday, so here goes :)

This is the laptop bag I am making for my sister. I know, I know, it's not a CHRISTMAS project, but its the only thing I have been able to work on lately. It is all finished now but the picture is from before I put it all together:

My first try doing a zipper pocket... You can see it's puckered a little bit, but since it's on the inside, I am not too worried about it ;) I can not for the life of me find "carbine hooks" for the straps ANYWHERE... Michael's had ONE, and Walmart, Joann's, Hancock's, and Hobby Lobby didn't have any... So, I haven't done the strap yet. I might just do a simple one with bias tape, like the tutorial does, and then if/when I ever find the hooks I can make one, send it to her, and she can cut the other one off.

What I DID do that was Christmas related, however, is I decided on what to do with my Fruitcake jelly roll! I am going to make a Christmas quilt, inspired a little bit by this tutorial at MBS, and of course make it more Christmas-y... I bet you can figure out my plans already! So I apologize for not having any Christmassy pictures to show, but that is some PROGRESS, right?

And on a non-Christmas related note, I am now almost 35 weeks, and the doctor has taken me off of the bedrest (ha, like I really got any rest as a SAHM to an almost two year old and two big dogs!) and says if the labor happens now, they won't stop it. Honestly, I am terrified! Yesterday was one of those days where everything was irritating me (and it was all stuff that would have whether I was pregnant or not, the hormones just made it far worse), and I just keep thinking how if sometimes just ONE child tries my patience in such a hard way, what am I going to do when I have two and both are in monstermode?

34 weeks with Aubree:
I AM ready to get my body back, however! I am hoping the weight loss this time will go like it did last time! My weight GAIN is just about the same for both, although I think I am at just a little bit less right now than I had gained at the same point with Cullen... 35 weeks with Cullen:
My pre-pregnancy weight was the EXACT same (based on first dr visit, both at about 6 weeks along) for each (163), and I was 185 at Cullen's birth (and 145 a week later!!) so I put on 22 lbs, and most of that was literally THE last week--coincidentally also when the stretch marks *gasp!* showed up.. I am at 174 according to the Doc's scale on Tuesday. To those who think that isn't enough, please understand that I had weight to lose in the beginning (I SHOULD be between 140-155 lbs for my height and muscle content), and horrible morning sickness the first SIX months last time, and FOUR this time! I had an Ultrasound on Tuesday as well, to check on the baby (last time around I had an emergency one at 30 weeks because I had only put on 6 lbs at that point, they were worried he wasn't growing), and she's head down and nearly 6 lbs already. They are estimating she will be around 8.5lbs at birth if I go to full term, which is more than a whole pound more than Cullen, who was 7lb 4oz! (I was 8lb 10oz, my poor mom!) Either way, I don't think I will make it past Mid August... Due date is Sept 5, my stepmom is betting on this Saturday (yikes! we are not ready for THAT soon!) and everyone else has scattered their bets throughout August/early Sept. Anyone want to put their vote in?

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traceyjay said...

You sure are cute!

Sending you happy and healthy labor vibes...and hoping she holds on a little longer... but not too long! :)