Monday, July 5, 2010

RIP AJ Creighton...

I am so sad to be typing this now, but I need a bit of an outlet, so here goes. I just got word not long ago that we have lost yet another friend and soldier in Afghanistan yesterday.... On Independence Day. It is hitting me harder than usual because this is somebody with whom I had a falling out long ago, and never fully mended the fences. I should have known better, since losing friends and coworkers over there is nothing new to me, and hasn't been for years, so I am having a really hard time accepting that he's really gone now and I fell into the trap of thinking "there is always time."

Military or not, if there is someone you have yet to resolve an issue with, don't think that there is still time. Regardless of who is "at fault" take the time to smooth things over. You never know what might happen before you do.

Rest in Peace, AJ. You will be deeply missed by many, and forever remembered by all for your sacrifice.


traceyjay said...

this made me cry.

Godspeed healing to your friends and family.

And we can never be thankful enough.

Peter said...

I went to high school with him, he was an amazing friend, I know how you feel about the "theirs always more time", it's amazing how many little things you think of you wanted to say or do when you realize times up. Stay strong, god knows what names AJ'd call us if he saw us moping.

Anonymous said...

6/5/10 Some of the people whom loved and respected AJ, and whom he spent a lot of his time in Monterey with while he wasn't studying at DLI. We all miss him. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the the rest of his friends and family.

Andréann said...

I've just lost somebody really important to be which I had some issues with... And thought I had time to solves them... but no. She's gone.
I found that this lesson cost me a lot... But now I know.

I don't know the guy, but may he rest in peace and watch over the ones he loved.

cr8ons said...

THis is Allen Creighton AJ's brother i really appriciate you honoring him on you account like that and if you are still haveing trouble dealing you are more than welcome to contact me on my email