Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beginner stuff...

So I figured since this blog is supposed to be about my "quilting progress," I should post a few pictures of where I am at so that every few months I can look back and laugh at my progress...
This first one is from a kit I bought, and was my first foray into any type of quilting at all. You can see how the corners don't quite match up, and the edges just aren't quite right, haha. Ah well, little man doesn't seem to mind!

This was my first time I actually picked out and bought fabric, followed a pattern I found in a quilting book, and did the whole thing from start to finish. The fabric colors and patterns seemed good together BEFORE they were actually sewn together, but now that it's all done I am almost embarrassed to even show it. I haven't even bothered to do any actual QUILTING to it.

This one also isn't quilted, but it was my first try at binding. I am actually quite pleased with how this one turned out, especially the binding. Alot better than I expected to do, and the colors work much better together than the last one!

And last, but not least, this is my current WIP, and my first attempt at quilting (although that was done AFTER the picture was taken). Unfortunately, I sort of blundered through it and thought I could machine quilt without a walker foot (a purchase I am not allowed to make yet LOL!). Big mistake. I have done about half of the circles and it just looks horrible, so it is now folded up on the table. I am going to try to salvage it by taking out all the horrible machine stitches if possible, and just hand quilt it. I love the top too much to leave it messed up, or continue on messing it up worse.
Side note: The top was done by following this circle quilt tutorial and just changing the sizes of the circles and such that I wanted to do.

Anyway, try not to judge too harshly ;) I tend to sort of fly by the seat of my pants with many things that I do. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not so much. At least we can see a bit of progress already, right?

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