Monday, June 21, 2010

The last week or so...

It has been such a busy week that I haven't even popped on to do more than just check up on everyone else's blogs! I have, however, gotten a bit done outside of the internet ;) I finished the blocks for a new pattern I tried (found at Quilter's Cache). It is my first attempt at paper piecing, and looking at the finished blocks I wish I had chosen more contrasting fabrics, but I think it will still look nice overall. I am going to add some brown sashing, and then have yet to decide how I am going to do the outer border and backing, so until I do I need to decide on which layout:

Option A:

Option B:
I also found the PERFECT way to use the Botany Jelly Roll I have been holding onto. I am not one to resist the urge of cutting into fabrics because they are too cute or too pretty... in fact, it's the opposite! I can't WAIT to find the perfect idea or inspiration to cut into them! I am starting on this one as soon as I publish this post, so expect pictures soon!

I am also super excited because the first thing I found out this morning is that I won a giveaway at 44th Street Fabric for a charm pack! I am not sure which one, as there were 7 charm packs, and 7 winners, so it will be a great surprise when it gets here in the mail! If you haven't heard already, there is another giveaway that just started, with 2 winners receiving 5 different 1.2 yard cuts of beautiful Rural Jardin fabric by French General. I feel like it would anger the Fabric Giveaway Gods by entering so soon after winning one, so I will be sitting this one out!

Also in the mail on its way to me is some fabric Heidi was giving away free to anyone willing to pay the postage. What a great thing for her to do, right? I am waiting on Box 2, and can't wait to see the Halloween and Christmas fabrics, as I have been pestering the manbeast that I want to make a BIG quilt for Christmas!

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Bev said...

Hello! My email does not work because it is set up in a weird way for my business. I need a correct email address for you because yours came back as undeliverable. Please email me at: with your address and I'll ship your charm pack! Thanks and cheery wave from Bev