Saturday, June 26, 2010

What I get done when the hubs is gone...

Usually it isn't much, but I have seen some great tutorials lately that I just had to try!

First, it was the Magic Baby Quilt I found over at Piece N Quilt. I used the Botany Jelly Roll that I still hadn't decided what to do with it. I still have to add a border (I plan on doing mine a bit different than the tutorial, but I just haven't decided yet), then of course quilt and bind it, but here it is so far:

Then with the leftover strip pieces, I made this coupon clutch on MBS by Julie of Jaybird Quilts. It was SO easy, and fun to make. I am making another one to send to my sister :)

And speaking of my sister, she just started her new job at the bakery about two weeks ago, as a cupcake maker. She asked me to make her an apron, because she didn't want to pay 20-25$ for something I could make for alot less. Here is what I threw together yesterday:

That's an applique I did of a cupcake on the bottom right. Not the greatest, but it was my first attempt, and it was freehand (no pattern or stencil). She saw the picture this morning and loves it! She wants me to make her a skirt with the same fabrics LOL (I planned on making a reverse second apron for her in case she loses one, the dogs get it, forgets to wash it, etc, with the blue as the main part, and the pretty brown batik for the borders!)


jaybird said...

the coupon clutch looks fantastic!! you should make a flickr account so you can add it to the MBS pool & the Jaybirdquilts pool!

Jorie said...

Thanks! It's definitely great to hear the creator of the tutorial say that! I have a flickr account. It is still a bit confusing but I am figuring it out. I will head over and add the pic asap :)

traceyjay said...

super cute projects! I love that little clutch! :)