Saturday, June 5, 2010


So I have been trying to find a decent beginners quilting group/guild in the San Antonio area. Everything I have found seems to be extremely out of date and inactive. Also, call me stingy, but I can't afford a high amount in dues until this baby comes and I can go back to work, since the hubby is limiting me on how much I can spend on anything related to quilting. I can't really blame him, we do have things we are saving for, but I sure can pout about it!

During my searching, however I have found a few giveaways of various kinds! Here are the ones I found that haven't ended yet:

An Accuquilt go! cutter giveaway *gasp*

A stack of Heather Ross fat quarters

Moda's Candy Bars (Sooooo cute!)

Beautiful hand-dyed wool, fabric, thread, and a handmade bag!!

Cutie Pinwheel Giveaway! (I love these :) )

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