Saturday, June 12, 2010

My own little space!

So, Shaine decided I could use our "Computer area" in our room and convert it to my "Sewing area". We never used that computer--or the desk-- for anything anyway. I cleared out the computer and moved all my stuff from the kitchen to the bedroom about two weeks ago, after I finished piecing the top of the circle quilt together, but until tonight it has looked like this (and sometimes worse):

However, I finally tonight got some peace and quiet and felt like organizing! It's not like I had a ton to work with anyway, as you can see. I did take the messy tupperware bucket of fabric and get it all out, folded nicely, and semi-color sorted, as well as got all the scraps organized.

It's not much, but I am actually quite proud of it. Growing up with two sisters, stepsister, and often times a cousin or two living in the same house doesn't equate to much private space. Then, joining the military does away with any idea of a private room or area for awhile. Now, I am lucky to even use the restroom in peace without my toddler barging in haha... So even though this is in OUR bedroom, it is still "my space." Who knows, maybe when we finally buy a house, we will have a spare bedroom again and then it can really be "mine."

In other news, I finished the handquilting on the circle quilt. Was hoping to get the binding done tonight, but one of our military friends who just returned from Afghanistan is spending a few days with us. I didn't think he would be here until tomorrow sometime, but he apparently broke a few speed limits because he's already here! Maybe I will be able to CUT the binding ;)

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