Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 in Status

So, on Facebook there is an application that makes a collage out of your status updates from the last year. I remember for 2009 it was pictures, which I thought I still had but apparently don't. Here is my status collage:

I find it amusing that the majority of them are about food, being tired, or me being a smart aleck! It reminded me of some great stuff that happened throughout the year, like when I got Cullen to flush the toilet while Shaine was in the shower (it makes the water really hot, and no it isn't mean, he deserved it for dumping ICE WATER on me the day before!), funny things Shaine said ("When is cinco de Mayo?" or when asked what his middle initial is he said "M as in Mary" instead of "Micheal" or "Mark" or any GUY name ;) ), or when Shaine won the state NCO of the year competition! It has been a good year, and I am ready for the next one.

And in other good news, I think Cullen is finally potty trained, during the day anyway. Hopefully in the next week or so we will be sans diapers for him all the way! Woohoo!

How has 2010 been for you? Hopefully good. Favorite memories? I am thinking that maybe I will gather up some of the neat partial-FQs I have and get a scrap bundle going for an I-Spy Giveaway at the end of the year! It would be my first giveaway, so what do you think?

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