Thursday, December 16, 2010

PTS4 Received! (+ some non-quilty-goodies!)

Once again, I am so pleased with my mail lady! I was starting to doubt the USPS after a package my grandmother sent me was M.I.A for about a week (what good is delivery confirmation/tracking if they don't actually update it?), but then yesterday I received a package I had ordered on Monday (only TWO days?!). I ordered these adorable candy cane earrings from The Clay Cafe, an etsy shop owned by a close friend of my sisters, who we met in high school (and her dad just so happened to be the CSM of the basic training battalion next to mine!) It came beautifully wrapped in a Christmas gift bag:

And inside were these goodies:

A postcard with a dinosaur for Cullen, a hairbow for Aubree (although she will have to actually grow some hair first!), and the earrings!

And how gorgeous are they? We have to dress festive at work, and I just now I will get lots of compliments on these, especially when I tell them they were handmade by a friend!

THEN TODAY, I walk to the mailbox, not expecting anything special, and there was a package, addressed to me, with "PTS4" written on it!! I was immediately nervous and excited, and even texted Shaine before I opened it. Inside, it was wrapped in pretty Christmas tissue paper, and even tied with a bow, but I was way too excited to take a picture first!

Oh, I was stunned! First of all, even the little goodies Megan sent were adorable and thoughtful. A note pad (maybe she saw my "make a list" posts!), a patchwork tissue holder, and a keychain wristlet (I think those are called FOBs? I never understood that name), as well as a little card.

Then the pillow... Oh my, the pillow...

She noticed that I adored cathedral windows (but have yet to attempt them myself), and knew I liked bold colors. The red and the black PERFECTLY match my living room! I can't wait for Shaine to come home with the car (mine currently is not running *grumble*) so I can run to Hobby Lobby or Joann's to get a pillowform for it! Thankyou so much Megan, it all is really fantastic! (And to the USPS-- I forgive you!!)

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