Friday, December 17, 2010

I won :)

Almost two weeks ago, I entered a giveaway over at My Giveaway Today. It was for a penguin gift tower from Executive Baskets and I was hoping to win it for my sister, who is decorating her nursery with penguins and polar bears. Well, the way their giveaways work is they run for one day only, and then the next day you have just that day to claim your prize. I won (out of 668 comments! Can you believe that?) on Dec 7th, but didn't even realize it until Dec 10th!!! I was devastated that I missed it. At Shaine's urging, I went ahead and emailed MGAT anyway, explaining what happened and that I understood if it was too late. It wasn't! She said she planned on choosing another winner that night, but she hadn't yet, so I could still claim it!! Right away I had an email from the company for me to tell them where to send it, and I had them send it straight to her! How nice!!

Here is the little penguin in his new home. Pardon the finger, apparently I am not the worst photographer after all ;) I hope you like it, Chelsey, and that little Perry will like it too!


Souper Artsea said...

I love it, haha... better still is I didn't realize that my finger was in the picture-- even after I resized/flipped the photo. I am a HORRIBLE photographer, though!

I am sure Perry will love it too. (I love that I'm already getting loot on this kid, hehe)

Karin said...

Congratulation - this little guy is too cute!