Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays

My apologies for being so MIA lately, but let's just say there have been some things that have turned my personal life a bit upside down. There are alot of changes going on right now, and my posting will be intermittent for awhile. Bear with me! I will be back full force soon! And don't worry, I am still sewing, and will not let any of me bees or block swaps down!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, whichever you celebrate! Our Christmas was rather nice, we did gifts here at the house, and then went to Shaine's coworkers home for a Christmas dinner. I got to practice alot of Spanish speaking, and the food was great!

Cullen got lots of neat gifts (toys are so much cooler these days than when I was a kid!) but this by far was his favorite:

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Karin said...

Hope everything will work out for you very soon. We will be here waiting - so take your time!