Saturday, December 18, 2010

FNSI Results

It was a short FNSI for me, as I ended up scheduled to work, but I did manage to whip these up before I went in:

The blocks are going to be part of the next fabric box. The boxes are for a friend of mine, who is one of the names my family "pulled" during our secret santa swap (with 6 different couples, and over 10 kids total, that would be alot of gift giving, just in our circle, so we simplified it!). Lisa (I can say that as she doesn't read my blog hehe) is a sewer (sewist?) and used to do a little quilting, but now with working full time and two kids, she hasn't gotten her machine out in awhile.

I am hoping these boxes will inspire her to dig it out so we have sewing get togethers! I originally wanted to make three different sizes, but seeing as the party is in about 5 hours, It is looking like I may have to settle with two :( Although, how perfect is it that when I asked what her favorite colors were, she said lime green, purple, and black?!


Needled Mom said...

I'm here visiting from Jolly Bingo. I am sure that your gift was a huge hit. I hope you get her motivated to get back into it.

Maria said...

Popped over from Stitches.
Your fabric box is a great gift idea.
How lucky were you to win the Penguin and I am sure your sister will love him.

Karin said...

The fabric box looks great and the blocks - I love the colors you used for them. I`m sure thats a great inspiration to take the sewing machine back out

Jewel said...

These are so cute!