Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flowers in November

It's starting to get chilly here in San Antonio. Yes, I realize some of you probably have snow already, or that its much colder than our 50ºF weather, but here's the thing-- I H-A-T-E the cold! If it drops below 70, I am a huge baby about it. Anytime I have to wear more than shorts and a tank top I get grumpy. Well, to combat the chilly temperatures, I have been making a few more hexie flowers.
They remind me of springtime and warmer weather! Cullen really liked this blue one, I had to trick him to get it back!

Both of these are for ladies in the Inchy Flower Swap, even though it isn't even my turn to swap with them yet! One hexie flower a month is simply not enough ;)

I've made great progress on my partner's pillow for PTS4! Almost done, so I will have another sneak peek soon :)

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