Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Make a List ... Tuesday?

Well, a day late, but that is better than never, right? I made a little progress this week:

1. Stitch up some quick cake stand covers for my sister 1/3 done.... *sigh*
2. Finish the owl pillow she asked me to make for her (all that is left is to stitch up the opening from stuffing it) If I say she doesn't want it until next month can I let this go a little longer?
3. Sketch up an idea for a new baby quilt for a good friend, and for my brown bag quilt Both done! :)
4. Make a bag with one of the patterns I have and have not tried yet Didn't get around to it, but I am going to try one of these boxy zipper pouches I have seen all over the place today before work!
5. RELAX! We're never really DONE with that, are we?

So, as I was typing, my doorbell rang, and guess who it was? UPS! With my correct Accuquilt dies! So excited! Last night I finally broke down and cleaned up my sewing area, and started cutting some 2.5in squares with the Accuquilt Go! Cutter... I am already head over heels! I love it, and can't wait to use it again. Turns out the 2.5in squares are the perfect size to use for some hexies, and I just so happened to ask Shaine to print some templates off for me from work (My LQS ordered a pack of die cut ones, but they STILL haven't gotten them in. I could trace/cut, but I worry that they won't be too accurate. Anyway, I then made my first two hexies and stitched them together. Not half bad! So then I got the fabric I was planning on using and made 7 more and put them together. Here is my --first ever-- hexie flower:

It is being dropped in the mail tonight and on its way to Jenni of Jenni Sews. It is the first hexie I am sending as part of the Inchy Flower Swap (see the button on the right!), and I also received my first one yesterday as well! I requested white/light centers and citrus colors for the petals (whether all the same, or all different didn't matter). I have yet to take a picture of it, but you can see it, and some of the others so far, in our flickr group here!

And now, for this week's list:
1. Make a boxy zipper pouch for my essentials at work (is it cheating to put this if I am already planning on doing it as soon as I am done with this?)
2. Finish the last two cake stand covers
3. Play with my new accuquilt dies (I know, hard to squeeze in, right?)

This week is a short list... Work tonight, Spurs game (woohoo!) tomorrow night, Shaine has class Thursday, and I work Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. *Sigh* Things are much busier with Shaine working full-time, going to school, and me working close to full time! Oh well, it will all pay off eventually, right? Right?

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Ariane said...

Love your hexagon flower. So cute!!