Monday, November 22, 2010

Make a List Monday #5

Number five already? The weeks are really flying by. It is hard to believe the my little girl is almost three months already. OH and look, she's holding her own bottle already:

And her cute dress she wore today:
(My apologies for the horrible picture quality, but it was one of those "If I don't get this now, I'll never get it again", so the iPhone had to do!)
She is just getting so big so fast. She is already in 6m clothing *sigh*, and to think I thought I had enough clothes handed down to us to last at least the first 9-10 months....

Well, without further adieu (as I still have to cook dinner--sloppy joe's tonight!, and hopefully finish quilting the PTS4 pillow so I can share finished pictures, or at least another sneak peek tomorrow), here was last weeks list:

1. Finish my pillow for the PillowTalk Swap. I am ALMOST done with the front, I just have to get some thread in the right color for the quilting. Then some scraps to practice whether I want to do a zipper or an envelope backing, as I have never done the envelope. So if any of you make throw pillows, feel free to share your favorite tutorials for either method!--- This one is almost done. I have just a little more quilting to do, then the envelope backing (which I decided on due to being unable to find an invisible zipper in the right color, and being too impatient to wait to order one)
2. Make a mug rug. Yes. I first thought I wouldn't have a use for it in my house, but more and more as I see these rings on my glass coffee table, I realize we have no coasters and maybe a mug rug would make it so I don't have to break out the windex several times a day! Yes, I did make one! I love it! I made it to coordinate with the pillow, however, as sort of a way to test out how I wanted to quilt the big pillow (in case I messed up or I hated it!), so it won't be staying here. Still counts as a finish, though, right?
3. Go pick out some fabrics for a quilt I have been commissioned to do (excited about this one!)
Hadn't been able to do this one until Saturday, but after not really finding anything that stood out to me, and due to time restraints, I decided I will wait and see if I can find anything at any quilt shops in Kansas City while I am there.

Not bad, 1.5/3 finishes.

Okay, who am I kidding, that's only half... In my defense, though, the quilting is going to look really awesome, and I have somehow squeezed it and the mug rug in between naptimes and after clocking more than 44 hours in at work this week! My list for this week is even simpler--

1. Enjoy a family Thanksgiving in Kansas City. We leave home on Wednesday for the 13+ hour drive to Kansas City! First road trip with both kids, and hopefully they do well... Now that Cullen is over 2, though, FLYING anywhere as a family is almost out of the question-- Would you rather pay approximately 200$ in gas round trip, or twice that amount per person times 3 people? I thought so. Although, this one is a bit more complex than it sounds since in order to get there and enjoy I must do a ton of laundry, get the oil changed, pack four bags, etc.... *sigh*

2. Squeeze in some time to check out some quilt shops while in Kansas City. Who knows, maybe some will have Black Friday sales! I know Green Fairy Quilts is planning a great sale for those of you who love to shop for their Moda precuts online (wink wink!) Meanwhile, if any of you have ever been to Kansas City or the surrounding areas (Shawnee, Basehor, or Leavenworth is where I will be spending time), and can recommend a quilt shop or to, please do share!

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Ariane said...

Wow! That's a great picture of your daughter. She has the cutest smile. Love it! You did really well with your list. I'm usually just lucky to get half the stuff done that I want to do.