Friday, November 5, 2010

LCQA Block 1

This is my version of the first Block of the Layer Cake Quilt Along:I am using Migration by Holly Taylor for Moda. I had been contemplating whether or not to do this quilt along, and after seeing the first block, I decided to jump on in! I can handle one block every two weeks (I hope!). I cut the pieces while Cullen ate breakfast, and sewed them up while Aubree napped and Cullen had quiet time, since he is rebelling against naps lately. Not too bad, I think! One point that didn't quite meet up (and I was SO careful with my seam allowances), but the final block lays flat and measures what it is supposed to, so that works for me so far!

Anyone else participating in this quilt along? Leave your link if you blogged about it!

Also, here is a picture that made me laugh today, taken by Glenna, of Hollyhock Quilts. It is from the Quilt Market/Festival in Houston this past week:

I think the picture should be titled "You know you're in Texas when...." hehe :) I really wanted to make it to festival, but with the new job (starting tonight!), and the kiddos, it just wasn't happening this year. Ah well, maybe someday, right?!


Chris said...

Your block looks great. I am enjoying seeing all the variations.

Ariane said...

Your block looks great. Can't wait to see more.

Regina said...

Love it! I also just decided to do it after much contemplating. I'm using the same layer cake as you so it'll be fun to see how ours turn out with their differences.