Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Quilt Shop Hop

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We took a road trip to Kansas City for the weekend, to spend the holiday with my side of the family, and we're getting ready to head back to San Antonio this morning. First, though, I wanted to share some pictures of the loot I picked up yesterday! My mom's friend Carey is a quilter, and really the only person outside of the bloggy world that I have regular access to that quilts. I think I did convince her to make a blog and share some pictures of the amazing stuff she has made, and the ones she is working on!

We picked out a few shops in the Kansas City area, and got on the move. First up was a smaller store near my moms house (that I can't remember the name of). The fabric there seemed extremely overpriced, and very much so like the fabric I can get at Walmart. I did pick up two FQs there to go into Cullen's I-Spy quilt. Next, we went to Prairie Point Quilts. They wouldn't let me take pictures inside the shop, because of some of the quilts on the wall and copyright issues, but let me just say WOW! They had some amazing quilts on the wall for inspiration, and aisles, walls, and racks full of amazing bolts of fabric. While much of the stuff was more of the country/repro/30s style, it just so happened to be exactly what I was looking for.

The next stop was Harper's Fabric and Quilt Co., and I knew as soon as I walked in that I loved this place. Maybe it was because I had Moda's Botany to my right, Fandango and Spirit to my left, and I could see Amy Butler towards the halfway point of the store. I picked up a few FQs that caught my eye, some Spirit yardage for a project I need to finish, and a small Fandango FQ bundle. I would love to have this shop closer to home! They had a small armchair they reupholstered with a scrappy log cabin patchwork, a big wall with every type of notion and thread you could imagine, a "sewing lounge" you could rent out by yourself or with friends and use your own machines or theirs and get some quiet sewing time!

Our last, and unintentional, stop was at a newer place called Fabric Recycles which we just happened to see as we drove by. It turned out to be a fabric thrift store. What an AMAZING idea! You could sell your stash, notions, UFOs, etc, to the store, which would resell them at discount prices. I wish we had found this place first! With everything color organized, it was really easy to see what they had.
I got some scraps for Cullen's quilt, and some good quality yarn for my sister's knitting projects. And look what Carey and I found:
Completely hand-pieced, 3/4in hexagons, all 30s prints. Carey and I both are pretty sure it really is very old. She nearly bought it, but there were a few moth holes, and a few stains. It was definitely an exhilarating find at first, though!

All in all, I got quite a few goodies, and told Shaine not to look at the bank statement this month (what was he thinking by keeping the cash and sending me off with the debit card?!) and it was a great end to the Thanksgiving weekend! Now, I must return to packing so we can get on the road back home!

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Ariane said...

Well sounds like you made some great purchases!! Can't wait to see what you make with them!!