Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pillowtalk progress, hexies, and more

I have all the blocks done for my partner's pillow. I wasn't completely satisfied at first, but the feedback I have gotten from the wonderful group members on the flickr group has been helpful!

The points don't measure up perfectly, and I have actually taken things apart more than once or twice. (Ignore the outside wonkiness... I haven't trimmed it up yet!) Normally, if it was staying here I wouldn't be such a perfectionist, but the pillows that come out of this group look so fantastic that I don't want my partner to be disappointed at all!!

I mentioned the boxy pouch I made that came out smaller than planned, right? Well it just happens to be almost the perfect size for my hexies:I printed the hexagon template from here. I am still waiting for my LQS to get the papers in. I know, I could just keep photocopying and cutting, but I'd rather pay for the convenience in this case!

Anyway, block two of the Layer Cake Quilt Along has been released! I would love to get it done today, BUT I do have work tonight, so we'll see. Plus, if I do it now, I'll be dying for the next two weeks until the next one is released! ;)

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Jenni said...

I think your pillow top looks lovely!