Monday, November 15, 2010

Make a list Monday #4

Well, last week's list was rather easy... I got some stuff done, and even made some additional stuff!

Let's see:
1. Make a boxy zipper pouch for my essentials at work (is it cheating to put this if I am already planning on doing it as soon as I am done with this?) Well, I did make a boxy pouch, and it did come out well... However, I made mine proportionately smaller than the tutorial, since my zipper was smaller, and as a result it came out too small to actually use it for what I planned to. It IS the perfect size to hold some of my hexie essentials, especially if I find a tiny pair of thread scissors! I will post some pictures once my camera finishes charging
2. Finish the last two cake stand covers This is proving harder than I expected. I thought this would be super simple, but I don't have the stands to make sure they lay flat, and are the right size, with the right hang over. *sigh*
3. Play with my new accuquilt dies (I know, hard to squeeze in, right?) Still working on this one ;)

And once again, this week will be rather short, too, as I work 5 of the next 7 days, and today is the only day off that is also a Night off for Shaine. (Yes, family time seems to be pretty rare these days, especially now that we are going to dinner tonight with friends.)

1. Finish my pillow for the PillowTalk Swap. I am ALMOST done with the front, I just have to get some thread in the right color for the quilting. Then some scraps to practice whether I want to do a zipper or an envelope backing, as I have never done the envelope. So if any of you make throw pillows, feel free to share your favorite tutorials for either method!
2. Make a mug rug. Yes. I first thought I wouldn't have a use for it in my house, but more and more as I see these rings on my glass coffee table, I realize we have no coasters and maybe a mug rug would make it so I don't have to break out the windex several times a day!
3. Go pick out some fabrics for a quilt I have been commissioned to do (excited about this one!)

And just so this post has a picture, here are the prints I have decided upon for my PTS4 Pillow for my partner (more on that tomorrow as well!):

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