Thursday, November 4, 2010

I ♥ the mail lady!

Well, wouldn't you if she brought you all these goodies yesterday?

Okay, so my Go! got here last week, but I knew if I opened it there would be no chance of getting the costumes done! Besides, I am waiting on the correct dies to get here. I think I will take some of my scraps and cut them into squares tonight, though, just to test it out!

As for all the fabric, I have plenty of friends and family members who are currently expecting babies early next year, so I am going to be making quite a few baby quilts, I'm sure!

Another thing that came in the mail yesterday was part of my Christmas gift from my sister. It requires assembling, so I haven't taken a picture yet. What is it, you ask? Well, it's a shelving unit for fat quarters! And apparently it holds up to 300 of them! Considering I have nowhere near that amount, I think she's encouraging me to build my stash up a bit! Seeing as how I start my NEW JOB tomorrow, I think that just might be happening very soon! Also, our roommate is moving out at the end of this month, meaning that I will have my guest room/sewing room back! I can't wait!

Oh, and while on the subject of building up my stash, there are two giveaways going on right now with a sweet selection of goodies! First, Little Miss Shabby is giving away a NINE FQ stack of Summer in the City, with lots of ways to gain entries! Second, for a shot to win your choice of a jelly roll or a layer cake of Pure (like my charm pack up above!), head over to That's Sew Shawna and try your luck again :)


Regina said...

Love the mail lady! Mine brought me fabric today too. :)

~Niki~ said...

I love my post man too :)
He always brings me such nice things~like review books, fabric, gifties, etc. :)
Just found your blog~love it!

Ariane said...

What great mail. I'm glad you got the GO! Cutter. Your correct dies are on their way to you now. I just got notification today. Hugs Ariane