Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make a List ... Tuesday--Again!

I have a good excuse for this post being a day late! Besides a 13+ hour drive, getting home at 3am Monday morning, and running errands during the day, we also put up our Christmas tree last night!AND-- we are back on track with the potty training, so please excuse my son's mostly-nakedness!This is our second year with the white tree, and although I didn't care for it last time, I love it now! I do wish we could get a real tree, but with my allergies, and two VERY big dogs, this is just the easier and safer route! Here it is all done:

I know what you're thinking-- what am I doing with a 3$ Walmart tree skirt? Well, I hadn't thought about the fact that we needed one, and now there is no way I would get it done in time. So, maybe after all the chaos dies down I will try this tree skirt, Fruitcake Under My Tree, designed by one of my favorite bloggers, Tracey (traceyjay).

(Or maybe you're not thinking about the tree skirt, and you're thinking more about the horrible quality of the pictures... The first few Shaine took, so blame him for those ;) But yes, I do need a photography class, or some good tips!)

So, the list! Here is the list from last week:

1. Enjoy a family Thanksgiving in Kansas City. We leave home on Wednesday for the 13+ hour drive to Kansas City! First road trip with both kids, and hopefully they do well... It was a WONDERFUL visit, even though the road trip was a bit rough on the way up!

2. Squeeze in some time to check out some quilt shops while in Kansas City. Who knows, maybe some will have Black Friday sales!
I did do a post about this already, some great stuff there in Kansas City, even though most of it was a bit more pricey than what I am used to here in San Antonio!

And for this weeks list, bear in mind I am working nearly every night this week again, and Shaine leaves on Sunday for a WEEK!

1. Get 4/8 blocks done for the quilt I have been commissioned to make. It needs to be done by the first week of January.

2. Do my Layer Cake Quilt Along block

3. Finish the Christmas gift I am making for my sister and her hubby-- Although I have a feeling a FINISH won't be doable, I hope to at least have it mostly done this week!

And on that note, I have to start getting ready for work! I love that I am working again, but I think this will be my last week of "Open Availability".... Last week was short of course, but the week before that I clocked 44 hours, and this week I'll be clocking about 35 or so. *sigh* I think the majority of quilting mamas I have seen are SAHMs, but I know I have seen some who work, whether from home or out of home, and all I can say is "Wow, how?!" Share some secrets! I barely found time to spend with my sewing machine before I started working!

OH! And I got some wonderful goodies in the mail yesterday! I will share some pictures and plans for those in tomorrow's post!

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